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Following his graduation with honours in 1974 from the London School of Economics (University of London), Tim Oake established a successful music distribution business in the capital. The second stage of his career involved a number of senior international roles in Operations Management, Marketing and Corporate Communications in the entertainment technology industry.

One of these roles – Vice President of legendary synthesizer manufacturer Sequential Circuits, Inc. – involved his relocation from the UK to the Netherlands in 1982 to set up and manage their EMEA Operations. He married in Amsterdam in 1990, further cementing his attachment to Holland, and now has joint British and Dutch nationality.

Returning to his entrepreneurial roots in the early ’90s, he began providing English writing and editing services for companies in the Netherlands, initially via specialist corporate magazine publishers, communications consultancies and PR firms. In 1996 he launched Oake Communications, his network of fellow native English corporate communications professionals, and hasn’t looked back since.

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Tim Oake’s Blog began in 1998 as ‘Links’, a monthly round-up of recommendations for Oake Communications’ clients, partners and site visitors of places to visit and products or services to check out, both on the Internet and in the real world. As ‘Tim Oake’s Page’ from 2004, more of his personal observations on topical issues in the communications world and elsewhere were included. To enable more frequent updates and reflect the changing nature of this section of the site, it was redesigned in its current form in November 2005.

The Blog's left-hand column lists links to recent blog posts collected together by topic category. The right-hand column includes a link to our occasional newsletter for clients and partners, the content for which often derives from Tim's Blog postings. Below this is a list of links to archives of the blog organized chronologically. Please note that the older posts may occasionally contain links that no longer deliver the pages they once did. For this reason we limit this list to the preceding twelve months only.

Please don't imagine that Tim Oake will arrive for meetings with our clients and partners dressed like this. The above shot was taken a few years ago for a client's print advertising campaign. While it's true to say that he tends to be absorbed by communications topics, our clients and partners know he can't be accused of being 'all mouth and no trousers'...
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