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active in a new market for the long run. It can also help renew relationships with existing clients.

We generally advise against using corporate brochures to provide detailed product or service information. This can dilute the central message about your profile and overall capabilities. Separate literature should be developed for distinct product or service lines. Specifications, more technical detail and application examples are appropriate and effective in these, and we’d be glad to help you develop and produce literature that will convincingly communicate the benefits of your products and services of course.

Our expertise in developing and authoring effective corporate brochures has been gained over the last twenty years and across a wide range of industries and businesses. Some clients rely on our experience to manage the entire project for them from concept to print, working to an agreed budget. In these cases, our project management team at No.29 will subcontract work as necessary to our select design house, printing and photography partnerships. Where other clients choose to use their own designers and printer, we’re naturally delighted to provide some or all of our core services of communications consultancy, writing, translating and editing.

Please send us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss how we can help you professionally present your organization with a new corporate brochure.

While most businesses of all sizes are keen to produce and update brochures describing their product and service offerings, a surprising number view literature profiling their firm and its capabilities as the preserve of only the largest companies. In fact, most organizations can soon recoup and profit from their investment in a professionally written and designed corporate brochure. Prospective customers of lesser-known and recently-started businesses are naturally cautious about placing initial orders with them. Some request, expect or even require a corporate brochure when assessing and comparing potential vendors.

A professional corporate brochure establishes credibility and competitive advantage. When pitching for business with a new customer, it can make the difference between winning and losing the first contract – and a great deal more future business. By presenting the full range of your organization’s capabilities in a single document, the corporate brochure can also generate additional sales from existing clients by highlighting a product or service they hadn’t previously been aware that you provided. A well-presented corporate brochure can also be an effective medium for strongly and clearly communicating one or two messages. A new corporate brochure can therefore be used to excellent effect following a change of name or location, a merger or acquisition, an expansion or a change of corporate direction. It can be used to convince customers that you plan to be

corporate brochure
corporate brochure
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