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More than Messaging

E-mail is becoming a key component of the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes and kinds. It's come a long way. Even following the commercialization of the Internet in the 90s, e-mail was still largely used as a replacement for memos or simple correspondence. Now e-mail is also a recognized medium both for all personal correspondence and for corporate and marketing communications with vendors, customers and employees. It's estimated that e-mail marketing has become a $2 billion industry.

Newsletters & Direct Marketing

Our e-mail experts at No.21 specialize in designing, writing and editing e-mail messages, newsletters and direct marketing for a number of our clients. Our services range from writing copy for a short e-mail marketing campaign to the creation, editorial and management of corporate e-mail newsletters, together with list management, support and other options.

Opting Out is not an Option

E-mail is the most economical medium with which companies can communicate with their customers, and they’ll look forward to receiving those communications providing they’re professionally produced and responsibly managed. Recipients must have opted-in to receive the e-mail, it must be easy for them to unsubscribe, and they must find the information they’re sent consistently interesting and useful.

The Green Midget Cafe

Oake Communications understands the strengths and weaknesses of e-mail marketing. Direct marketing by e-mail needs to be designed and managed quite differently from traditional postal campaigns. Especially if badly presented or targeted, less-personalized, unsolicited postal mailings may be a source of mild annoyance, but they’re still generally acceptable. Unsolicited e-mail of any kind however is spam. It’s unprofessional, unacceptable and is increasingly likely to be illegal. For more information about spam and what you can do to combat unsolicited e-mail, we invite you to visit the Green Midget Café.

Benefits over Traditional DM

The cost of collateral production and postage typically limit traditional DM efforts to a single mailing, perhaps containing a letter and some brochures. It’s easy for recipient

companies to separate mail shots from other postal correspondence. Even if a traditional mailing is addressed to a named executive, a junior employee can be assigned to process it. They can choose to read it in any order, or indeed to read all, some or none of it.

Targeted and Inexpensive

On the other hand, e-mail typically arrives in a named recipient’s mailbox. Even if they’re formatted in HTML, with graphics, photos, animations and boxed text in various fonts and colours, e-mail messages are typically scanned or read from top to bottom. To be effective, they usually need to contain much less material than a traditional mailing. For these reasons, and as the medium is relatively inexpensive, well-orchestrated e-mail campaigns often involve multiple, regular or serial communications.

B2B or not to be...

Even more than with traditional direct marketing, to be successful, B2B e-mail marketing needs to be treated quite differently from B2C campaigns. “Click-through” rates aren’t good measures of effective B2B e-mail marketing. The nature of products and services offered between businesses tends to be much more complex. Business products and services tend to be more expensive. Much more consideration is given before responding to offers and making a purchase decision. Some of the most successful B2B e-mail marketing we have created for our clients has been deliberately targeted at influencers rather than directly to purchasers.


Our e-mail and newsletter teams here at No.21 collaborate to produce e-mail newsletters that enable our clients to communicate more effectively and economically with their existing customer base. They provide a medium that goes beyond informing customers about products and services. Oake Communications’ well-crafted e-mail newsletters provide consistent, high quality and original content, relevant for their target audiences. They enhance the value of our clients’ brands and increase their customers’ loyalty.

We’d be delighted to discuss with you how we can help you develop your use of online communications to generate value for your organization. Why not

for more information and to arrange an initial discussion at no obligation or cost?

E-mal newsletters
E-mail newsletters
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