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Visitors may initially be surprised to find a ghost-writing office at No.27. While we don’t write autobiographies on behalf of the famous or fiction under the names of would-be authors, we do provide ghost-writing services for a number of corporate clients.

CEOs and other senior executives frequently need to communicate with their employees, their shareholders, the media, analysts and government agencies. They’re often called upon to speak to their peers at conferences and to be quoted in press releases and articles. Their time is inevitably a very limited and expensive resource, yet they demand credible, effective and compelling communications. The views, approach, vocabulary and style must be in their ‘voice’, whether live, online or in print. Oake Communications’ ghost-writing skills provide reliable solutions.

Based on an initial brief, directly from the executive concerned or from their press office, internal communications advisors or PA, we take the client’s raw information and create the copy and other materials required. The finished product can take a wide variety of forms.

All that may be involved is a short quotation to be included in an in-house magazine or press release. It may only be a reference letter for a valued ex-employee. We’ve ghost-written CEO’s messages to their staff, responses to press enquiries and foreword statements in Annual Reports. We’ve created distinctive PowerPoint presentations in the client’s house style, together with effective commentary scripts, with QuickTime movies and other effects if required. We’ve written informative and entertaining speeches for our clients’ executives to present at conferences, product launches and special events. If necessary we’ll conduct in-depth research into topic areas, and provide guidance regarding references that should be included or excluded depending on the audiences involved.

Whatever the format or size and scope of the project, we provide structure to our subjects’ ideas and ensure that the specific objectives of their communications are achieved. A number of well-known business leaders regularly come back to Oake Communications for various projects. They’re assigned their ‘own’ ghost-writer, with whom they can develop an increasingly effective collaboration.

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