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Competitive Advantage

The most successful businesses know that they must continually focus on satisfying their customers. To gain and maintain competitive advantage, they also know that the most valuable resources they have are human – their employees. In order for their employees to perform at their best, they need to be properly trained, highly motivated and well informed.

Be an 'Employer of Choice'

Employees cite effective and meaningful internal communications as a key reason for the companies they work for being considered 'employers of choice'. Oake Communications works with its clients to design, compose and implement truly credible and effective internal communications that make a real contribution to the achievement of their business strategy.

Engage and Energize

When designed, executed and integrated effectively, internal communications articulates the organization’s vision and its brand’s values. It engages and energizes employees to carry out the strategic intent of their organization. Companies that communicate successfully with their workforce at all levels build a relationship with their staff that encourages them to absorb the vision of the business and the values of its brand.

Strengthen Loyalty

In turn, their employees enthusiastically accept their share of the responsibility for delivering the company’s promises to its customers and other stakeholders. The internal programmes we create with our clients strengthen employee loyalty

and empower staff to put their businesses’ strategies into action. They build employee satisfaction and commitment, which soon translates into increased productivity, quality of work, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Focus on Quality

Depending on our clients’ strategic goals, current situation, and our brief, our internal communications assignments may draw on one or more of our capabilities. We always focus on quality rather than quantity – our objective is to create internal communications that provide solutions and add value, rather than to increase the volume of messages received by employees. They are exemplified by their clarity, coherence and consistency. They are designed to create a constructive rapport between all employees, encouraging the flow of vital strategic information in all directions.

In Print, Online and In-House

Concept and copy for company publications may be entailed – these may be online or printed in-house magazines or newsletters. Effective and user-friendly copy for intranets is an increasingly popular programme element. Other projects we’ve successfully completed have focused on addressing specific internal communications issues – coaching employees in improved customer communications, designing and conducting campaigns to support organizational learning and knowledge management, idea generation programmes or developing positive attitudes to change.

Contact us today to arrange an initial discussion of how Oake Communications can help your organization achieve outstanding internal communications.

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