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newsletters as a significant component of their marketing communications activities. Our clients soon find that the newsletters we produce for them offer another key benefit – we use our marketing information system expertise to take personalization way beyond ‘mail merging’ names and salutations.

Targeted Content

Most businesses offer a number of products or services to a number of customer and market segments. We apply database marketing intelligence to produce alternative versions of newsletters with content targeted precisely at each segment of our clients’ markets. This greatly increases both their value to their readers and their effectiveness in generating responses and revenue.

Buzz and Viral Marketing

Once newsletters are established as genuinely interesting and useful, they also serve as a cost effective lead generation vehicle. They’re passed around between colleagues and associates, and customers suggest to others that they subscribe. They drive traffic to stores, strategic partners, related publications and websites. They cultivate and cross-pollinate relationships. Targeted promotions can be developed from tracking readership behaviour and market intelligence can be built from reader surveys.

New Synergies

Archives of past newsletters represent a continually growing resource that can be cross-marketed and easily integrated with other communications activities. New synergies can be achieved by combining print and electronic content, and by repositioning content for advertorials, websites and white papers.

Being Better Informed

Newsletters can be ideal vehicles for communicating customer service and self-help information and sharing customer testimonials. Another important function our branded newsletters often serve is as a source of information for our clients’ employees, suppliers and partners. Their stakeholders’ contributions to our clients’ value chains are facilitated by their being better informed.

Contact us today to arrange a discussion of how we can develop, write, edit - and even distribute - a newsletter for your company that will deliver a better return on your marketing investment than you ever thought possible.

Driving Traffic

More and more companies are producing newsletters – both in print and online. Electronic versions are often produced as part of a coordinated e-mail marketing strategy. Both types are often used to drive traffic to a website containing more detailed content.

Brand Interaction

Businesses don’t usually publish newsletters because they need a cost-effective vehicle to deliver all the superb content at their disposal. They’re usually begun because companies want to communicate effectively with their customers and prospects. Their success depends first and foremost on interesting content that involves their readers in a purposeful interaction with their publisher’s brand.

Readership Focus

Whether delivered in print or by e-mail, the editorial-based newsletters created by Oake Communications for our clients are focused on their readership. We’ve demonstrated to our clients that this develops strong relationships with their audiences, building loyalty and awareness of their brands, maximizing and insuring the return on their marketing investment.

Positive Associations

Newsletters shouldn’t be a collection of transparent promotional messages. Provided customers have opted to receive occasional advertising messages based on their interests, these can be sent as separate items. Oake Communications writes and edits newsletters and e-newsletters for our clients that deliver exactly what their name promises – targeted, personalized news. Useful, engaging and entertaining information that meets the reader’s needs and matches their interests. Content that builds respect and demonstrates subject expertise, so that our clients’ brands are supported by positive associations without being overtly promoted.

Strategic Relationships

Some of our clients have such close strategic relationships with partner businesses that we’ve been able to produce newsletters on a shared-cost, co-operative marketing basis. Newsletters with customized articles can also be syndicated, producing further economies to multiple clients in geographically exclusive or non-competing markets.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness (especially for the electronic variety) is often the principal reason companies choose to include

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