Corporate Journalism and Editorial
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This is a core area of expertise at Oake Communications for which we’re known best by many of our clients and partners. Our writing and editing skills are naturally used in most of the work we do, but here we concentrate on creating and improving content in English for corporate in-house publications. A more journalistic style is typically required, and the target audiences are usually your own management/employees or your customers. To avoid unnecessary duplication we've dealt with much of our writing and editing work in three of our other 'houses'.

No.17 is where we'll introduce you to our work in internal communications in general and in writing and editing for press releases, corporate brochures and annual reports.

Your public website and your Intranet have become indispensable media for communicating with your external and internal audiences worldwide. We describe the application of our writing and editing expertise in developing intelligent, creative and persuasive website content in our offices at No.19.

Our clients and partners know that when they call on our translation services at No.25, they’ll get superior results because we understand that professional translation requires first-rate native writing and editorial skills in the target language.

Here at No.21, call on the five offices where the teams are working on the topic areas as shown below. Or by all means send an e-mail directly to either our or teams.
Corporate Journalism and Editorial
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