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Oake Communications’ editorial services occupy two of the offices here at No. 21. Please use this communicating door for a short introduction to our proofreading services, which focus on ensuring our clients’ and partners’ written material is correct in terms of spelling, punctuation, format and grammar. Proofreading would normally follow editing, of course.

Here we edit all types of written material, ensuring that the client’s house style and the specific editorial style of the project are applied consistently, including the choice of ‘British’ or ‘American’ English. Indeed, if house or editorial styles have not yet been established we can create professional style guidelines for you which can be reused for subsequent publications.

We revise and improve sentence construction and the organization of ideas, ensuring clarity, economy and precision. We suggest revisions in topic development and logic. We ensure that the readability, language level, voice and tone are appropriate for the intended purpose and audience.

Editing can involve as little as a small amount of re-wording and paragraph restructuring or as much as the major revision of content. Once we’ve received a client’s material and brief, we can discuss the options and their associated costs. On request, we’re glad to provide either a brief overview or a detailed explanation of our corrections and suggestions.

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