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Corporate Journalism and Editorial
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Oake Communications’ editorial services occupy two of the offices here at No. 21. For a short introduction to our copy-editing and substantive editing services, please use this communicating door. Editing would normally be applied to a project at a previous stage of course, but we’re sometimes called upon by partner organizations only at the pre-publication stage to ensure a final product meets the highest standards we maintain.

Here we proofread all types of written material, ensuring that the client’s house style and the specific editorial style of the project are applied consistently, including the choice of ‘British’ or ‘American’ English.

Our proofreading service involves the correction of all errors in spelling, punctuation, format, and grammar. We compare the latest version of the piece to the previous edited version to find inconsistencies, oversights, and typographical errors. We check that references in the latest version – such as contents listings, page numbers, references to photos, tables, illustrations etc. – are internally consistent.

We also ensure that where words must be divided between lines in columns of text, they are split in acceptable places. This is especially critical during the thorough checking of layout PDFs or galley proofs. We check that the text, typography and layout are consistent, both internally and with house and editorial styles. We’re increasingly brought in to proofread HTML pages for Internet and Intranet sites, and if required we’re glad to return corrected web pages to your webmaster or webmistress, ready for them to upload to your site.

We can provide hard copy corrections with standard proofreading marks, provide a separate list describing the corrections and reasons for them, or edit PDFs directly, as required. We ensure that alterations are practicable in terms of production processes, budget and deadlines and discuss the implications of alterations to the text, typography and layout with the appropriate people.

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