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We don’t pretend to be a full-service translation agency. But as native English communications professionals serving our clients in the Netherlands for more than twenty years, we believe our in-house Dutch-to-English translation service is unequalled.

Whether the translation project is a sales presentation, an employee reference, a corporate website, an Annual Report, a magazine article or a user manual, you’ll receive a final product which is second-to-none. Oake Communications translations are much more than an accurate reflection of the original. We apply our creative writing expertise to ensure that they are at least as effective in achieving the original’s communications objectives. Only the client and ourselves should know that the final product is a translation – it should stand on its own as an effective piece of written communication.

Oake Communications services
Dutch to English Translation
Dutch to English Translation
provides considerable savings for our clients in effort, time and money. Because the development and management of creative website content is one of our specialities, we understand the medium and the message. We understand the differences between effective writing for new and traditional media. We know what works – and what doesn’t – online and offline.

Other language combinations

To meet translation requirements other than Dutch-to-English, we also partner with specialist freelance translators to provide superior solutions on request.
In these cases:
- we never use generalist translation bureaus,
- we require our translation partners to be both native speakers of the project’s target language and experienced writers, and
- we remain 100% responsible as project managers for the quality and timely delivery of the final result.

English coaching for managers

We provide assistance over at no.27 in preparing business presentations and co-authoring or ghost-writing in English. Here at no.25 we also have specialists who undertake coaching in communicating in business English.

Not only are we completely comfortable in providing translations in either British or US English, we’re often called on to ‘translate’ from one to the other. And we understand that the difference between communicating in British or US English involves very much more than dissimilar spelling and grammar.

Translation of user guides and manuals

We ensure you receive a translated manual that’s consistent, understandable and easy for the user to follow. A manual that helps the owner to get the most out of your product, creating positive feelings about both the product and your company. We’re so attentive to detail that we’re not too surprised when our clients are not only totally satisfied with the translation but also adopt our suggestions for improvements to the original.

Translation of website copy

If required, we’re pleased to implement the English translation of your Dutch website copy directly within your HTML pages, returning them to you in styles and formats which match the originals, ready to be uploaded to your site. We can also redesign and reformat your graphics to include the translated text. Naturally, this

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