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Clear, convincing and transparent

For listed companies, the Annual Report is their most important strategic communications document. Many other sources of financial information are available to the investment community today, but its traditional role of providing accurate information on the financial health of the business is still important. Greater shareholder democracy, the focus on corporate governance, ethical investment groups and high profile corporate financial scandals have all contributed to clear, convincing, transparent annual reporting being given the highest priority.

Great design is necessary but insufficient

A mistake often made with website development is also made with the production of the annual report – they are frequently considered first and foremost as design projects. In both cases, creative and skilled design is indeed vital, but nothing is more crucial than a compelling story about where the company is and where it’s going.

Respect for your stakeholders is reciprocated

The accurate and intelligent copy we produce for our clients' Annual Reports secures the attention and interest of their audiences. Their shareholders and investment analysts reciprocate the respect they’ve been shown. At Oake Communications we contribute our English business and financial writing expertise in collaboration with your executive management and specialist or full service agencies who share our understanding of the value of your brands.

English translations by professional financial writers

Many clients prefer their Annual Reports to be originated in Dutch, with the approved text then being translated into English. In these cases we combine our Dutch-to-English translation expertise with our business and financial writing skills. The result is a professional international version of your report that reads as a perfect original. During the last twelve years we’ve created memorable Annual Reports for companies in a wide range of sectors, from international logistics through ICT and commercial property to global HR services.

Professional and effective Annual Reports represent a significant investment, both financially and in executive management’s time and energy. Ensure this investment delivers the return it deserves by contacting us to discuss your next Annual Report.

annual reports
annual reports
annual reports
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