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The services supplied at No.19 are becoming some of our most popular. Here we produce creative and provocative copy for our clients’ websites, and help them ensure their website content is effectively and efficiently managed. Oake Communications are experts at writing and editing for traditional media, but over twelve years of Internet communications experience has taught us that there are such significant differences in successful writing online that we needed to devote a whole house to content creation and management.

website content creation and management

What do we mean by 'website content'?

Naturally enough, the first people many organizations call upon when considering the redevelopment of their existing sites or their first presence on the Internet, are website design agencies. Most good website design operations offer expertise in two essential areas: technology and graphic design.

Professional and talented website designers will produce sites for their clients which function well and are aesthetically pleasing. The majority think of website content as graphics, code, photographs, banners, animations and forms integrating the site with databases.

Good design is necessary, but not enough

Well-crafted graphic design will usually impress visitors to your site, especially on their initial visits. Attention to functionality will ensure that visitors will be able to navigate around the site easily, that hyperlinks take them to intended destinations and that forms work efficiently. These are necessary factors for successful websites, but they are by no means sufficient.

It's the words that tell your story

A considerable amount of detailed research has confirmed what editors and experienced website owners have known for some time. The most popular and successful sites provide their visitors with original, provocative and well-targeted textual content. Words that respect visitors’ intelligence and that remain with them after they leave the site. Content that’s interesting and useful enough to them so that they bookmark the site and look forward to returning to read what’s presented on their next visit.

Professional website design firms are well aware of this. For clients who also need design and information architecture expertise as well as the compelling content we provide, Oake Communications partners with some of the best.

First time visitors may be “wowed” by that clever animated Flash intro, but it’s the words that will engage them, inform them, communicate your unique selling proposition and build their loyalty.

Website Content
Don't just take our word for it - visit our growing website portfolio to see the content we've provided for our cliemts to date.
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