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In keeping with the approach we take to all the communications we produce for our clients, at No.19 we know that it’s essential for us to get to know your organization well in order to produce effective content for your website customized to your objectives and target audiences. In order to differentiate your website from those of your competitors, we believe it should have a unique voice. We ensure your website content reflects the personality of your organization, and yours alone.

website content creation and management

Quality content that rewards your website visitors for stopping by

For the same reasons that we respect our clients as discerning and sophisticated partners, we believe that the content developed for their website visitors should be created accordingly. After all, they were smart enough to pay your site a visit – the content they find there shouldn’t only augment their awareness of your brand, it should help instigate and maintain a mutually rewarding relationship. Only ‘A-team’ writers and editors will be assigned to creating your content, because they’re the only writers and editors who work on projects for Oake Communications clients and partners.

Net returns...

It’s admittedly difficult to measure a real ‘Net’ return on website investment with great certainty. Nevertheless, clients for whose websites we create and manage content are able to point to very positive metrics from more frequent and longer visits, customer feedback and evidence of viral marketing.

Content customized to your needs

The work we do at No.19 comes in many shapes and sizes. For some clients, we write and edit their entire corporate website on an ongoing contract basis, regularly revising its content, and remotely operating content management and site maintenance systems. Some use us to write, edit or operate subsidiary sites or specific areas only, such as the news, links or feedback sections. Many clients in the Netherlands call on us to provide English versions of some or all of their website content.

Even the best content needs to be managed

The content of many websites, especially those of larger organizations, comprises hundreds of pages and thousands of associated graphics, scripts and hyperlinks. Efficient content management facilitates the modification and customization of content and the addition of new elements and functions. It should regularly check the integrity of hyperlinks, fixing them or deleting them where necessary. It should allow a number of contributors to submit copy. In many cases, this might entail various company departments submitting information to specific areas of the site. Sales might post important deals they’ve just closed, Human Resources can update the vacancies and benefits pages, Investor Relations can post the Annual Report, and so on.

Outsourcing your website editorial

At the same time, a good content management system should preserve the editor’s authority to approve content before posting. We’re often contracted to fulfil the editorial role. Some of our clients run the systems in-house, while others outsource the whole process to us.

Content management consultancy

While third party content management systems may be the appropriate for many larger companies, for other organizations, a customized project management approach may be adequate and more cost-effective. At No.19 we provide advice to our clients on which route to take. Where a fully-fledged content management system is chosen, we help them select a system appropriate to their needs, and whether they should purchase software or contract an ASP.

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website content creation and management
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