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The public and media relations function is often used as an umbrella term, covering a wide range of communications activities. Many of these are areas of our expertise we apply across a number of services, and you can find an introduction to them elsewhere on Oake Communications online. We hope you’ll agree this helps avoid repetition and aids navigation around our site – if not, please let our


As we explain in our introduction to what goes on at No.17, our Corporate Communications departments have communicating doors to enable skills to be shared as necessary. Naturally, the PR and Media Relations service makes particular use of the skills of their house neighbours in Investor & Analyst Relations and Community Relations. Strategic Communications & Communications Management, Corporate Journalism & Editorial and Creative Content services are also described elsewhere.

Here we focus on public and media relations consultancy and practice, establishing and maintaining goodwill and understanding between our clients’ organizations and their audiences. We work to enhance the reputation of our clients’ companies and their products and services, using all available traditional and online channels. For some clients, we act as an additional press and media relations resource, for others we act as their outsourced press office and corporate communications function.

When we’re in the process of getting acquainted with a new client, we recognize that personal chemistry on both sides is a vital factor. If we feel there may be a conflict of interest with existing clients, we raise this issue up front. Confidentiality and trust are essential elements of the relationship.

Although we have particular strengths in high technology, media, broadcast, telecommunications, entertainment and leisure, Oake Communications has a wide area of industry experience and expertise.

In order for us to be transparent about how good a fit our capabilities can make with a prospective client’s objectives, we need to obtain a good understanding of their objectives, issues and problems, along with expected solutions and proposed budget. Then we’ll need to absorb as much detail as we can about your organization, markets, products and services, communications, audiences and resources.

We are keen to ensure that our clients receive the very best public and media relations service which can be supplied for the available budget. This means we must both accept that we have a mutual need to develop the best possible understanding, from the outset and throughout our relationship. The degree of success in achieving agreed objectives will be largely dependent on the degree of collaboration we are able to achieve with the client.

We will certainly expect to be judged in part on the quantity of media exposure we obtain, but awareness itself is only part of the picture. Beyond getting our clients’ companies and their products in the news, we aim to ensure that our public and media relations activities are truly complementary to their overall marketing activities. For some clients, we act as their main point of contact with the media – as their own corporate communications and press office.

Far beyond just writing effective press releases and ensuring their timely and appropriate placement, we provide professional strategic counsel. On a practical level, we often accompany our clients at product launches, exhibitions, conferences and other special events, connecting them and their products with media contacts. Building relationships and creating buzz that can be translated into increased sales and market share – not just column centimetres.

Our Public & Media Relations office would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and to arrange an introductory meeting at your convenience. Why not

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