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Most of the services we describe here at Oake Communications online are to a greater or lesser extent specific. Indeed, many clients and partners do call on us to provide one or two particular services they regularly need – whether it’s copywriting, PR, translating, editing or website content. But for others we also apply our wealth of experience in international corporate and marketing communications to the provision of strategic communications consultancy and communications management.

Our strategic communications and communications management services take a variety of forms, depending on our clients’ profile, situation and needs. Here is a selection:

  • We contribute to think-tank and brainstorming sessions with the marketing and communications management of some larger client firms. Sometimes these are regular monthly or quarterly meetings, often held off-site, in which we review he client’s corporate and marketing strategies. The perspectives and ideas we introduce are fresh, honest and outside-the-box. But they’re also rooted in that ironically rare commodity: the common sense that comes from more than 25 years of real-world entrepreneurship.

  • We conduct reviews with clients of their business, marketing and communications strategies and activities. The outline reports we provide following these reviews often lead to our specialized team at No.29 being contracted to develop and produce detailed business or marketing plans.
  • We provide strategic advice to clients to identify and prioritize the communications issues and objectives to be addressed and the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions to be deployed within the available budget. The full range of the client’s activities may be involved, or our input may be requested during new product development, or prior to the launch of products or services. This is usually followed by the provision of one or more of our specific services.

  • We perform the complete corporate and marketing communications function for start-up and smaller client firms who have decided that outsourcing is the most economical, flexible and effective solution. These clients avoid the costs and risks associated with employment while deriving optimum value from a limited, pre-agreed budget and receiving the highest quality service, from strategy development to programme implementation.

  • We act as the European corporate and marketing communications office for US clients. They have immediate access to our pan-European experience and expertise, our strategic advice and range of communications services. These clients are frequently past or present users of No.29’s customized ABLE™ programme, and can use these services as an interim step before opening their own European office.

Contact us today to arrange an initial confidential discussion of how Oake Communications can work with you to ensure your strategic communications and communications management are effective, creative, professional and efficient.

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