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At no.29 we’ve brought together a number of ancillary and complementary services. They are often related to our main communications offerings, but differ from the work provided in the other six houses in that writing and editing is not the core activity. Here we deal with project and interim management, market research, business and marketing planning, strategic consultancy and special events.

Special Projects
Special Projects

One of the teams here specializes in projects for our US clients. Their service is called ABLE™, which stands for Access to Business Leads in Europe.

Another provides primary and secondary market research.

A third is dedicated to working with our clients to develop and refine their business and marketing plans.

Finally, we’ll also be pleased to provide you with management support based on our expertise in designing and managing a wide variety of successful exhibitions, conferences and other corporate events.

While we most often act as subcontractors, we’re sometimes called on to manage communications projects, where we take responsibility for co-ordinating input from specialists in other areas.

Should you need more intensive assistance for one-off major projects, such as an annual event, we can even provide interim corporate communications managers who can work for a number of weeks within your own organization.

As appropriate we're also pleased to provide longer term strategic communications consultancy and communications management.

More information about our way of working can be found here.
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