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Oake Communications conducts primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative research into markets, industries, trends, companies, technologies, business strategies and products. We are continuously performing research, both for our own purposes and on behalf of our clients and partners. The information we supply our clients augments their intellectual capital and supports their business decisions, and so in turn contributes to their competitive advantage.

It's a matter of scale

The scope and scale of the research projects we undertake varies greatly. At one end of the scale, we’re sometimes asked to design and implement full research projects lasting a number of weeks, culminating in detailed final reports containing analyses and interpretations of the findings. At the other, we may just be given a number of questions and be asked to provide the answers within a few hours. In between, we’re occasionally asked to provide research consultancy, or to provide an analysis of data provided by the client.

Wide knowledge & experience

Market research expertise at Oake Communications includes survey and questionnaire design, interviewing, focus groups, benchmarking and competitive intelligence. While we research a wide and growing range of industries and markets, we already have particular knowledge in the areas of: computer hardware and software; banking and finance; emerging business trends and practices; publishing and the media; entertainment technology; commercial real estate and international mail and logistics. We have a wide knowledge and experience of both European and US markets.

Revealing opportunities

High quality, professionally executed market research reveals commercial opportunities and gaps in the market. It can be designed and used to test new products and services, to improve customer service and satisfaction and to enhance competitiveness. It facilitates more effective marketing

campaigns, with media research identifying the optimal channels for advertising and editorial coverage.

Competitive intelligence

Oake Communications’ competitive intelligence research provides our clients with early insights into market opportunities and confidential information about their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Competitive intelligence can be information that improves a client’s ability to bid against a rival company to win a new contract, or their knowledge of a competitor’s new product development plans. It can reveal opportunities presented by a competitor’s dissatisfied customers or frustrated employees.

Knowledge management

Many businesses – especially larger firms – fail to fully exploit the crucial information that their own company has gathered. Oake Communications also uses similar techniques to advise our clients on knowledge management issues and how to achieve a better return on their intellectual capital. Their salespeople hear from customers about competitor activity; their R&D department may come across a newly registered patent, their purchasing people may discover that a supplier has begun working with a rival business or their engineers may exchange gossip at a trade show. Our corporate intelligence audits™ unearth this valuable knowledge for our clients, and we advise them on implementing practices to ensure that future intelligence is fully utilized as soon as it is gained.

Sharing the knowledge

We also provide counsel to our clients on how best to communicate the information we’ve helped them reveal and acquire. All too often, the value of disseminating vital knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ products and services is outweighed by a misplaced desire for secrecy.

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