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Database Marketing and Fulfilment
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to reveal less obvious but useful relationships in their data, enabling the prediction of customer and prospect behaviour.

Short-term Projects...

For those clients who have sufficient resources of their own, we work with their marketing department to advise on and develop an effective in-house marketing information system as a short-term project. Their own people then operate and maintain the system, only calling on us for support, advice or related services as and when necessary.

...or Outsourced Systems

Other clients choose to outsource the design, construction, management, hosting and operation of their system to us. We tailor these outsourcing contracts to suit any marketing budget and each client’s particular needs. Their data is kept securely and confidentially, remains their own property, and they can access their system whenever and from wherever they choose via our extranet of course.

Exploiting your System

Once we have demonstrated the power of marketing information systems to our clients, we’re naturally delighted to help them ensure they exploit it to the full. We use database and direct marketing techniques to develop tailor-made lead generation campaigns, customer and supplier relationship management programmes, and loyalty schemes. Our teams at No.21 can be brought in to design, write and manage e-mail marketing programmes, electronic and printed newsletters and house magazines, with content created specifically for audience segments in your database.

Including all your Stakeholders

Your database marketing resource need not be limited to being used as the basis for customer and supplier communications, of course. All your stakeholders can be included in your marketing information system, using information categories appropriate to each audience. Over at No.17, our public and media relations, investor and analyst relations, internal communications and community relations teams are close by to design targeted and personalized communications for each of these groups, using the data you’ve been able to collect and analyze.

Fulfilment Services

Many of our clients have no need to organize and manage mailings to the customers and other audiences in their marketing database more often than a few times each year. Outsourcing the fulfilment function to Oake Communications saves their staff the time, inconvenience, cost and disruption to their core work that large or complicated mailings can cause. They know they can rely on us to provide an efficient and cost-effective fulfilment solution, from personalizing and mailing Annual Reports, house magazines and press releases to the collation and distribution of packages with multiple inserts, such as conference packs, CDs, house magazines or loyalty gifts.

Contact us today so that we can arrange a first confidential discussion of how Oake Communications’ database marketing and fulfilment solutions can help you optimize the effectiveness and profitability of the communications with your customers and other audiences.

Marketing Information Systems

Oake Communications has been designing and operating successful marketing information systems for more than 15 years. During that time, developments in database technology, the Internet, the integration of markets and elsewhere have all contributed to the potential of database marketing. It is a field which encompasses a plethora of labels which come and go with fashion – relationship marketing, direct marketing, loyalty marketing, marketing intelligence and, perhaps most notoriously of all, ‘Customer Relationship Management’.

Inexpensive CRM that works

Especially since the CRM bandwagon began, businesses have all too often believed the promises of software vendors who assured them that their expensive and complex systems would enable them to transform their ability to exploit their customer data. Our marketing communications expertise enables us to design, implement and manage inexpensive, tailor-made systems for our clients that really deliver results.

Putting Intelligence to Work

Database marketing provides you with intelligence about your audiences and their wants and needs, together with the means to target your communications to them precisely and economically. A marketing information system typically begins with the customized design of a relational database. The design includes all the categories of information that you have decided is relevant and appropriate to your target audiences and the products or services you plan to provide to them. The first entries are usually your existing customers, followed by qualified and unqualified leads.

Strategic Information

On initial visits to new clients, it’s not unusual for us to find that they have a great deal more customer and lead information than the sales or marketing departments had been aware of. Accounting, service and IT departments are often able to provide data that had previously not been utilized. There are a number of communications and market research strategies that can then be used to source appropriate new entries and to build and complete the information associated with each entry.

Identifying Profitability

Once the initial entries have been made in the database, it can be used to track and analyze the nature and activities of your target audiences and as the basis for sending targeted and personalized communications to them. Your most profitable customer segments can be identified. Potential problems can be spotted and addressed before they drive customers away. Well-designed marketing information systems enable you to optimize mutually profitable relationships with your customers.

Integrating Relationships

The marketing information system can also be integrated with your corporate website, providing a rich source of further leads and market data. Customers can even be empowered to update their own profiles and account information – this not only enhances their experience of dealing with your company, but also ensures the accuracy of your data and reduces your administration costs. We also advise our clients on using demographics, lifestyle analyses, product affinity and other factors

Database Marketing and Fulfilment
Database Marketing and Fulfilment
Database Marketing and Fulfilment
Database Marketing and Fulfilment
Database Marketing and Fulfilment
Database Marketing and Fulfilment
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