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Access to Business Leads in Europe
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Sound business basics remain constant wherever a company operates, but it’s almost always a mistake for foreign operations to be built from a mould identical to that of its domestic operation. Companies which have experienced the greatest success in initiating – or expanding – their international business are those which have recognized the necessity of tailoring their foreign operations according to the territory in which they’re introducing – or seeking to increase the market share for – their product or service.

This may appear self-evident at first sight, but there are countless examples of businesses who failed to maximize their international potential by discounting or downgrading the importance of approaching their foreign markets with an open mind and a flexible attitude.

Your business goals may be the same wherever you are operating in the world, but the ways and means by which you seek to achieve them may have to be quite different if your company's international progress is to match its domestic success.

The ABLE™ team can help you hit the ground running en route to achieving your European business goals.

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Our ABLE™ service has been developed from the 20 years’ experience and expertise we’ve gained in establishing and growing European businesses. ABLE™ not only represents this combination of talent, competence, means and skill, but also the acronym Access to Business Leads in Europe.

Whether you’re:

  • considering the establishment of your first European office
  • looking for appropriate strategic partners or distributors
  • seeking up-to-the-minute information on the market or competition for your product or service in Europe…

Or if you need:

  • an initial viability report
  • a second opinion from our specialists on advice you’ve received from a generalized management consultancy firm
  • a selection of available sites based on your search criteria…

…you’ve accessed the right place.

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    4. The TIME IS RIPE and we're AT YOUR SERVICE


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