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The talents, energy and expertise of your company's management have been key factors in enabling your business to reach the stage at which you can prepare to tap the potential for your product or service in Europe - the biggest market place in the world.

We recognize that your managers represent a resource that should not be wasted in months of legwork, investigation, mystification and misunderstanding. Pre-advised by the ABLE™ team, mistakes can be avoided, the appropriate questions can be asked and the correct decisions can be made from the outset.

Doing business Europe-wide is not totally unlike doing business domestically, but there are considerable differences. There are many additional problems, obstacles and difficulties to be overcome, but there are also many advantages and new possibilities over and above the expansion of the market for your product or service.

The ABLE™ team enables our clients to maximize the potential of their management resource by ensuring that their decisions concerning their company's business in Europe are based on access to reliable information and pertinent advice.

...and knowledgeABLE

The enormous value of the European market for almost all businesses is easily recognized. For many medium-sized companies and most smaller companies, the initial decision which must be made concerns the form taken by

their first move to, or expansion in, Europe. This could be by merger or acquisition, by the formation of a subsidiary or branch, or by the appointment of representatives, distributors or agencies. Naturally, financial and marketing considerations vary widely from one business to another.

Our advisors know that European distributors or agents are all too often appointed with less care than would be taken in the selection of a domestic business partner. They’ve had to provide remedial solutions for countless problems for clients who discovered too late that they’d made an unfortunate choice. This kind of mistake can be extremely expensive, and prevention is better than cure. The ABLE™ team enables your company to make the right choice, first time.

We can assess the potential for your product or service throughout the European market. This may include market research, analysis of existing and potential competition, pricing, taxes, regulations, and so on.

We can advise on the viability or otherwise of the initiation of your own subsidiary or branch. This may include an international comparative appraisal of sites, personnel costs, expertise and regulations, taxation, distribution infrastructure, financial services and regulations, available grants and subsidies, etc.

If it appears that the appointment of distributors or agencies is the best choice for you, we can help in the assessment of those who are most appropriate for you, including confidential credit and marketing profiles. If you’re already using distributors we can provide confidential assessments of both existing and alternative organizations.

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