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In the conduct of their domestic business, their European counterparts often envy US companies. Whether or not they are based in one of the fifteen member states of the European Union, they assume that the preponderance of local interest, unwarranted paperwork, regulatory anomalies, etc. are problems US companies do not have to suffer or overcome. Similarly, many US companies view the European market in general and the European Union in particular as a fully integrated, homogeneous market.

Both these perspectives show some misunderstanding, but there certainly are additional difficulties to be surmounted by companies in the management of their pan-European business. Different cultures and languages are hurdles for all businesses to jump, wherever their home base may be. Companies based in the US face some additional problems, of which the enormous distances and time differences from their corporate headquarters are just two.

We believe that just as difficulties experienced by a US company in doing business outside their home state can be overcome, so problems presented by taking their product or service to the countries of Europe can be solved, and the ABLE™ team can provide the solution.

Whether your domestic market is the US and you’re planning your first move into Europe, or your home base is already in Europe and you’re seeking to expand throughout the continent, the ABLE™ team can help you map out the best route for your organization.

...in EUROPE

Many smaller US companies have made the mistake of arriving ‘cold’ in Europe, in the hope that they could set up a European operation in much the same way as a CalIfornIan business might set up a New York office.

Neither is it unusual for companies expanding within Europe to make these mistakes. A British company might expect local employees in their Spanish plant to work within the same hours and conditions as their UK staff. A German detergent manufacturer might attempt to promote their product in Italy as they would at home.

With the guidance of the ABLE™ team at an early stage, enormous expense and innumerable mistakes can be avoided. The assistance may consist of as little as a short report or as much as the setting up of a fully staffed and equipped office, ready for you to move in. Your European expansion will be based on a solid foundation.

As an entrepreneurial decision maker, you know that the best decisions are based on the maximization of pertinent information. Use the expertise of the ABLE™ team to ensure that your decisions as to how to make the most of the European market are really well informed. A freelance storyboard artist and concept illustrator working mainly on feature film productions, films for tv, programme trailers for tv, and commercials for film and tv.

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